Thursday, 3 December 2009

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vespa modifications do not have death, although this now vespa motor entering kategory in the old motor, but vespa or scooter is still the favorite by many of the young and old, because the body section. vespa modifications can be done with bernagai kind of style. from the modern to the classic.
Vespa modifications need this treatment within 1 month from the engine and body mrotoli so time for a new job after 4 hours. Machine does not attempt to be a problem kl night so that the problem right at the time to coat. so that eventually diakali be painted directly included in the room for some fruit and neon is close to the victim krn process that, 2 mice tails bro because of the smell dead cat
wallpaper vespa modification like dreessexy scooter modification

pinky scooter modification for girl lover

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